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What are the advantages of our products?

First, we have the best insulated system in Canada (2 thick, R19.,4 value), protected with a plastic film for your panels until the installation is completed. We are the exclusive distributor in Quebec for door openers Marantec. These door openers are by far the quietest on the market. We offer standard items that are considered options with other garage door suppliers: - Nylon wheels with bearings - Security cable for extension springs - PVC protective end caps - Nylon hinges - Nylon handles - Weather-seal on top panel We use Sicos specialized products in our paint shop to guarantee the quality and long lasting looks of our doors (anti-UV, thermal refraction of dark doors, resin on our weather-seals for maximum adherence….).

Which door should I choose?

You have to compare equivalent types of doors. Be it Isolex, Garaga, or Cedo, the most important thing to compare is the thermal insulation of polyurethane doors, thus its thickness. The different insulation values used are: R12 (1 3/8 thickness) R16 (1 ¾) and R19,4 (2) for a maximum insulation performance.

Can I paint my door the color of my choice?

Yes, we have our own paint shop and it is possible to paint your new garage door the color of your choice. We use Sicos specialized products in our paint shop to guarantee the quality and long lasting looks of our doors (anti-UV, thermal refraction of dark doors, resin on our weather-seals for maximum adherence….).

What is the difference between polystyrene and polyurethane?

Polyurethane has two major assets that define its superiority: Doors insulated with polyurethane have an insulation value twice as high as the polystyrene, R 16 v/s R-8. Furthermore, the structural strength given by this insulating material plays an important role in the life expectancy of your garage door.

What door sizes do you offer?

We offer a vast selection of sizes. Our garage doors are custom made in height and width. We provide doors from 36 to 336 inches wide by 18 to 384 inches high.

Can I change my door panels?

Each case is specific, but usually, your weather-seals, your wheels and your springs have a limited life expectancy. Furthermore, you will notice that your new door might not have the same weight as your old one. You will therefore have to change your springs as well.

Should I choose a steel or aluminium door?

The material used will mostly impact the weight of the door. An aluminium door is lighter and will therefore increase the longevity of your systems hardware. Rust is not a factor as our steel doors are guaranteed against rust perforation for 25 years.

Can I add windows in my garage door once it is installed?

It is possible to modify door panel in our factory and then add windows. On the other side, if you want to do this, it is important to contact us because new windows also mean new weight, and an adjustment might be necessary.

Does a garage door is easy to maintain?

Yes, Les Portes Isolex offer garage door that is easy to maintain. You would also like to take a look at the section “service” on our website. A technician can do maintenance of your garage door with our “maintenance plan”.

Should I choose “extension” spring or “torsion” spring?

Life expectancy of both systems is similar. “Torsion” spring is install over the garage door; it offer more secure asset, offer a better stability of the door and is use for large surfaces door (more than 12’ width or more than 9’ height). “Extension” spring is installed along the rails; so it requires less headroom. Make sure that it is installed with a safety cable.

Should I choose 1 large door or 2 regular size doors?

The choice is yours, either for aesthetic purposes or for use. On the other side, it is advantageous to choose 2 doors instead of 1 for the following reasons: - In case your door or opener broke down, you still have a second access. - A smaller door let less cold air comes into your garage.

What measurement should I take for my new garage door?

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Is your R-value reliable?

Yes, for many garage door manufacturers, the R-value is a result of an mathematic calculation, so it is not totally reliable. Isolex’s products is part of the DASMA (Door and Access System Manufacturers Association), which provide reliable R-value. Our product as been tested in independent laboratory, according to the ASTM-158 standards, and we receive a R-value of R-19,4.

What area do you cover?

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